What Is A Makeup Mercenary?

A makeup artist that will go any where, and do any kind of makeup you might need.

Who is the Makeup Mercenary?

Why, that's me!

I began my career 17 years ago working on short films, teaching myself what I needed to learn at the moment to do the job at hand. Makeup, I quickly learned, was a lot more than looking pretty or lots of fake blood, and it is an ever changing industry.

I went from short films to features and documentaries, TV pilots and PSAs for non-profits, web series work and weddings. While my early career with filled with weddings and zombies, I made it a goal to attend and graduate from Complections College of Makeup Art & Design, now known as CMU.

Armed with my Cosmetic Cube (yes, I named my makeup case, thanks for noticing), brushes, and a flat iron, I'm ready for any challenge you might want to throw at me.

While I am based out of Toronto, Ont, I am not afraid of travelling. I have done so many times, including working in London, UK, and Edinburgh, UK. Whether your location is Niagara Falls or Nunavut, I am ready.