Written & Directed by Emily Schooley

A Laughing Cats Production

After escaping a violent assault with no memory of how she survived, Lily struggles to regain the memory of the night's events and recover from the trauma.  As she reaches out for help, she is iinstead re-victimised -blamed- for events beyond her control.  Signs of post-tramatic stress begin to emerge, and Lily's psyche begins to crumble.  Will the support of her cop girlfriend, Raye, be enough to save her from herself, or will Lily succomb to a darker path, losing herself completely.

PROOF OF CONCEPT trailer for the upcoming webseries FORGET ME NOT


Written & Directed by Rodney Smith

Produced by Sofia Stefou and Steve Kasan

Makeup by Eleanor MacVeigh, Emily O'Quinn, Michelle Flannigan, Lillian Jones

The world of Dungeons and Dragons comes alive for Tim (a lost soul) as he combines forces with Robin (a true believer) and Logan (a thief) to search for a key to open the mysterious portal in Tim's uncle's apartment.  They discover that the keys must be used with a mysterious artifact that they discover in one of the worlds... an artifact that leads to the dangerous world of Faerie where their lives will be in danger

PROOF OF CONCEPT trailer for the upcoming webseries THE OTHER ROOM




Makeup Mercenary

Till Lease Do Us Apart episode 5 "The Break Up"

Directed by Sarah Rotella

Produced by Adrianna DiLonardo

The Gay Women's Channel

A new lesbian web series about a two exes living together.

The Flashback to Mikka and Shannon's relationship and what lead to their breakup.


Written & Directed by Sarah Rotella

Hair & Makeup by Eleanor MacVeigh

The Gay Women's Channel

Transition video of the many looks of a lesbian.  Because there is no one look.

Star Wars Episode 2.5 Jedi Fight

Directed by Sherif Badar

Produced by Culture Toronto

Culture Toronto

A long time ago, in your galaxy, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala were making their way to Tatooine to uncover the truth behind Anakin's dreams. They were side tracked to Earth at the precise time of an Anime convention. Little did they know that a new (female sith lord) evil was awaiting them... JEDI BATTLE ensues!

No Boys Dorm (2015)

Written & Directed by Brian McLellan

Hair & Makeup by Eleanor MacVeigh

Mediajunkies Studios

From the makers of (My) - Immortal : The Web Series comes a new web series!

A former pickpocket hides out at her brother's all-boys dorm at a mysterious academy after losing everything in a fire and ends up building a diverse family of friends while evading a jealous heiress who plots to unmask her.

Below Her Mouth (February 10, 2017)

Written by Stephanie Fabrizi

Directed by April Mullen

Makeup by Keirsten Morris

Daily MUA by Eleanor MacVeigh

Serendipity Point Films

An unexpected affair quickly escalates into a heart-stopping reality for two women whose passionate connection changes their lives forever.